Camp OBR

A 190-acre Healing Place on the Lake of the Ozarks built to serve our Military, Veterans, Families of the Fallen, First Responders, and their families. At this tranquil retreat, our heroes and their families reconnect, find solace, and build lasting memories.

Providing Purpose Through Culinary Skills
Our goal is to equip our heroes and their families with invaluable culinary skills and the support of our purpose-driven community, empowering them to continue serving their communities by feeding those in need.

While culinary therapy forms the heart of our programs, bringing families back around the dinner table and strengthening communities, Camp OBR provides a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking, fishing, and hunting to ATV adventures and water sports.

Introducing Camp OBR: A Dream Realized

For nine years, we’ve held a vision close to our hearts of a healing place, and now it has become a reality. In July of 2023 Camp OBR proudly held its inaugural retreat for Fathers, Sons, and Husbands of Fallen Military Service Members. Together they embarked on a transformative journey, finding healing through camaraderie, culinary therapy alongside our renowned pitmasters, and completing service projects in honor of their fallen loved ones.

With heartfelt pride, we share this video that captures the unforgettable week we experienced together. Witness their resilience, camaraderie, and dedication as they pay tribute to their fallen heroes through meaningful service projects. We are humbled and privileged to welcome these incredible individuals into the Operation BBQ Relief family.

Join us in celebrating this dream come true and continuing to ignite the spirit of compassion and community through the healing power of BBQ.

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Camp OBR Needs

Are you looking for a way to support Operation BBQ Relief and CAMP OBR? Do you have a gently used but in good shape item we need below?  Are you a business and would like to sponsor one of these items?

Contact Stan Hays at 816-876-9019 or

Items Needed

  • 2016 or newer – 4 Seater side by side with bed 4X4 needed to shuttle people around the 180 acre property.  (We have a need for 2 of these)
  • 2016 or newer – 2 Seater side by side with bed 4×4 needed to shuttle people and for maintenance around the 180 acre property.  (We need 2 of these)
  • 2016 or newer – 4 Wheeler 4X4  (We have a need for 2)
  • 2016 or newer – 3 Seater Wave Runners (We have a need for 2) 
  • 2016 or newer –  24-27 ft Tritoon with Trailer (with a 225 outboard or greater) 
  • Hunting Stands that can hold up to 3 large adults (weight capacity of 800 minimum)
  • Flatbed Trailer – 18-24 ft (10,000 plus capacity) 
  • Donate Building Supplies (new items for cabins – metal siding, lighting, etc)
  • Donate Furniture for Cabins and Lodge (beds, bedframes, leather chairs, etc) 


Operation BBQ Relief® provides comfort to those in need by connecting, inspiring, serving, and educating in communities far and wide.


To provide support, hope, compassion, and friendship to military, veterans, first responders, Gold Star, Red Star, and Blue Star families through long-term programs focused on overcoming physical, mental, and emotional challenges, strengthening families, providing a bonding experience, and engaging in quality rest and relaxation.


Stan Hays, Co-Founder & CEO

Paul D. Peterson, Head of Development Initiatives

David Marks, Head of Business Development

Camp OBR Map

Camp OBR News

Camp OBR Goals

  • Be a place where veterans, military, and first responders can connect with each other and grow their networks.
  • Offer programs and activities to help heal emotional, mental, and physical wounds through team building, fellowship, and fostering individual growth and resiliency.
  • Inspire organizations and partners to take part in the lives of veterans, military, and first responders.
  • Serve veterans, military, and first responders, providing hope, compassion, and friendship through activities, programs, and events.
  • Offer families of those that serve our nation and communities, that have suffered a life altering event, an opportunity to connect and strengthen their family bonds through camp programming in a distraction free, hands-on bonding environment.

Prospective Camp OBR Beneficiaries/Participants

  • Military and Veterans
  • First Responders
  • Gold Star, Red Star, and Blue Star Families

Interested in volunteering at Camp OBR?

Register to volunteer at or by downloading the Operation BBQ Relief Volunteer App.