Camp OBR – A Dream Realized

Jul 27, 2023 | Camp OBR News, Videos

Introducing Camp OBR: A Dream Realized

For nine years, we’ve held a vision close to our hearts of a healing place, and now it has become a reality. In July of 2023 Camp OBR proudly held its inaugural retreat for Fathers, Sons, and Husbands of fallen military service members. Together they embarked on a transformative journey, finding healing through camaraderie, culinary therapy alongside our renowned pitmasters, and completing service projects in honor of their fallen loved ones.

With heartfelt pride, we share this video that captures the unforgettable week we experienced together. Witness their resilience, camaraderie, and dedication as they pay tribute to their fallen heroes through meaningful service projects. We are humbled and privileged to welcome these incredible individuals into the Operation BBQ Relief family.

Join us in celebrating this dream come true and continuing to ignite the spirit of compassion and community through the healing power of BBQ.


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