After the tornado hit Moore, OK in 2013, many people descended on the area to help. Most brought water and snacks which is great, but Operation BBQ Relief was different. They cooked hot meals for ALL volunteers and those affected. I had the privilege to deliver those meals in the disaster areas and the response was from the people was incredible. Operation BBQ Relief was a huge blessing to our community during a very difficult time.

John WillefordFarmers Agent Moore, OK

Operation BBQ Relief steps up in a community in its worse times and gives back with great food. When there is great food you see great smiles.  They stepped up and helped in Moore, OK after the 2013 tornado and it was needed.

Paul HarringtonFarmers Agent Moore, OK

In the midst of one of area’s worst natural disasters, the people of our parish experienced the overwhelming love, compassion, and generosity of our friends with Operation BBQ Relief. This group of BBQ enthusiasts from all over the country joined hands with us and became a crucial part of our community’s recovery from the 2016 Great Flood. We could never repay their kindness, and we’ll never forget their drive to lift us up in the face of tremendous adversity.

Robby Miller President, Tangipahoa Parish, LA

Operation BBQ Relief is an amazingly impact-oriented collaborative partner in times of crisis in natural disaster zones for CitiIMPACT. But, they’re much more than that, they’re friends we all can count on in life.

JD SmithFounder, CitiImpact Ministries

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