The Always Serving Project®

Operation BBQ Relief is dedicated to service 365 days a year – not just in moments of crisis. Central to this commitment is “The Always Serving Project®,” a program launched in 2019. Through this initiative, we empower our volunteers, including heroes in uniform and their families, to continue serving their communities by feeding those in need.

Use education as a catalyst to Connect, Inspire, Serve, Educate and Feed those in need.

By equipping our Military, Veterans, Families of the Fallen, First Responders, and their families with invaluable culinary skills and the support of our purpose-driven community, we empower them to continue serving their communities by feeding those in need.

Feeding Communities in Need


BBQ Academy

  • Conduct live, virtual, and hybrid BBQ workshops
  • Connect participants with volunteer opportunities to help feed their communities
  • Educate on the art, craft, and science of BBQ and its impact on the spirit of those we serve
  • Inspire participants to use their BBQ skills to initiate change
  • Teach participants how to serve communities in need through BBQ events

BBQ Basics

  • Give back to our first responders, military, and veterans by teaching them the basics of BBQ.
  • Train individuals to potentially respond to food insecurity during natural disasters.
  • Serve meals to the community and address the fight on hunger.

Days of Giving

  • Show gratitude through event programs to serve those who serve us
  • Provide meals to the communities facing food insecurity with the goal of serving 365 days per year
  • Share the spirit of BBQ – highlighting family, friends, and community