Jefferson County, Alabama (Tornado) / 5,700 Meals over 4 Days

The National Weather Service said at least six different tornadoes skipped across central Alabama, causing damage across a wide area. The strongest hit Jefferson County, with winds up to 150 MPH. The first tornado, an EF-2 with 130 MPH winds, left a path of destruction 880 yards wide and 13 miles long, killing one man. The second tornado to hit Jefferson County, an EF-3 with 150 MPH winds, stayed on the ground for 22 minutes and killed a 16-year-old girl.

Within 48 hours, Competition BBQ teams from Operation BBQ Relief were setting up in the parking lot of Clearview Baptist Church in Pinson, Alabama. Even though other disaster relief organizations didn’t think the need was there, OBR managed to feed 5,700 hot meals to weary first responders and tornado victims.

Sponsors:Bub-Ba-Que, Red Diamond Tea, Wood Fruitticher Food Service Distribution, Royal Oak, Grace Kitchen, Max Packaging, St. Joseph’s Anglican Church, The Masons Clay Lodge, Academy Sports, Evans Meat, National BBQ News, Grissom High School, Clearview Baptist Church

OBR Participants:

Lynn Entrekin, Scott Gorham, Gary Lanton, Dionn Lanton, Kell Phelps, Baily Phelps, Michael Gochnour, Jody Harris, Steve Chatham, Heath Fant, Conner Sullivan, Annett Davis, Charles Webster, Carolyn Webster

BBQ Teams involved included:

Spices Smokehouse, Holy Smokes BBQ Team, National BBQ News

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