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By Clicking the checkbox and/or signing this disclaimer I as an individual and/or on behalf of and all of its officers, directors, volunteers and representatives (“Our” or “We”), agree to forever release, hold harmless and unconditionally indemnify Operation BBQ Relief, a Missouri Not-For-Profit Corporation and all of its officers, directors, employees, assignees, representatives, agents and volunteers from and against any and all liabilities, claims, damages, losses or expenses whatsoever arising out of my/Our participation as a volunteer(s) for Operation BBQ Relief. I acknowledge and agree that any and all of my/Our volunteer services, materials and costs to and for Operation BBQ Relief are to be completed without any remuneration or monetary benefits whatsoever and I/We am/are solely responsible for my/Our own insurance coverage (medical, automobile, liability or any other) and that I/We am/are not covered in any way whatsoever by any of Operation BBQ Relief’s Insurance. I also give my/Our permission to Operation BBQ Relief to use any photographs taken of me/Our (Organization volunteers) for marketing or other purposes.


Volunteer Process: During deployments and during ramp up to deployments we are notified of your sign up. Throughout the day/deployment you will receive and email asking about your availability for the deployment and sharing a link with deployment specific information. PLEASE RESPOND to this email. DO NOT SELF DEPLOY If you have any questions please send them to Thank you



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