Jefferson County, Alabama (Tornado) / 5,700 Meals Over 4 Days

Jan 12, 2012 | Deployments

At least six different tornadoes touched down in central Alabama. These tornadoes caused damage across a wide area and took the lives of multiple individuals. The strongest of the tornados, an EF3 with 150 miles per hour winds, hit Jefferson County on January 23, 2012. Competition BBQ teams from Operation BBQ Relief set up in the parking lot of Clearview Baptist Church in the town of Pinson and served hot meals to first responders and tornado victims.

Lynn Entrekin, Scott Gorham, Gary Lanton, Dionn Lanton, Kell Phelps, Bailey Phelps, Michael Gochnour, Jody Harris, Steve Chatham, Heath Fant, Conner Sullivan, Annett Davis, Charles Webster, Carolyn Webster

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