Volunteer Nominations

Help OBR Thank Our Volunteers!

Volunteer nominations are now open! We could not do what we do if not for our AMAZING volunteers! If you would like to nominate an OBR Volunteer, please use the following categories to nominate a fellow volunteer.

Nominations close January 31, 2019.

The Fine Print

Nominations and Awards are based on activities and events within the calendar year 2018, from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.  Activities and events include deployments and all other officially sanctioned OBR events.

Members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Team are not eligible for nominations.

Final decisions on all awards will be made by the Executive Team.

All nominees and those nominated have to be registered OBR volunteers.

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OBR Heart Award

This award will go to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding giving spirit.

This volunteer has not only shown an extraordinary level of giving to OBR, but to the community and family.  This volunteer has tirelessly given, and when they were done, they asked what else they could do.  This volunteer is not only recognized by the leadership, but by his peers as giving exceptionally and unconditionally.

If you know of a volunteer that should be awarded the OBR Heart Award, please nominate them.


Motivational Award

This award will go to an individual who has made a remarkable impact on morale at an OBR deployment or event.

We volunteers have all experienced the early mornings and late nights of loading the pits, fixing equipment, cleaning, loading and unloading the trailers and when we feel that we have no more to give – along comes an individual that somehow motivates us to keep going.  It could be a hug, a slap on the back, an extra hand, or a drink of water.  Whatever the gesture, it kept us going!

If there was a volunteer who motivated you to keep going when you thought you had nothing left in the tank, either intentionally or unintentionally, please recognize them by nominating them for the OBR Motivational Award.


The Road Warrior

This award will go to an individual who has not let travel distance interfere with their participation in an event or events.

The year 2018 has been our busiest to date, with events in Minneapolis, KC, New York, Florida, Washington D.C, Seattle, California, Texas, Florida, Chicago and North Carolina. This award will go to the volunteer that has clocked the most driving miles in 2018 coming to OBR deployments and events.

Nominees will be selected from our volunteer coordination records, determined by the sum of one-way trips from their zip code of record to the OBR deployment or event.

The Quecomer

This award will go to the volunteer who entered the disaster relief scene for the first time this year.

Even as a new OBR volunteer they seamlessly slid into the chaos. They were at multiple events, rolling up their sleeves, and willing to work whatever was thrown at them. They maintained a positive attitude and publicly portrayed OBR as the disaster relief organization of choice not only for them but for others.

Nominations for this award will be selected by the site and/or event coordinators.


Innovation Award

This award will go to the individual that has made life a little easier for our volunteers by introducing an idea or invention that has been utilized during an OBR deployment or event.

There are so many moving parts within OBR, and we encourage volunteers to improve upon the current process. These innovations can save the organization money but more importantly save the volunteer time and sweat.

If you have or you know of someone whose innovation has been used, please share with us so they can be properly recognized.


The Rod Cramer Volunteer of the Year Award

Do you know an Operation BBQ Relief volunteer who has gone above and beyond and deserves to be recognized? Take the time to nominate them today.

More about the Rod Cramer Award:

Rod Cramer was a BBQ pitmaster who was passionate about competing but also about helping his friends. Rod was one of the first volunteers when we deployed to Joplin, Missouri after the tornado in 2011.

Rod also helped us get our first grant through one of his contacts to help support the organization. But more importantly, Rod was a friend to everyone in the BBQ family! Rod’s life was cut short by Leukemia.

The volunteer award was named after Rod because of his giving heart, passion to help his friends and his passion for BBQ. Each of our volunteers of the year so far have all had that passion and giving heart! Rod’s team was Cramerque! I miss seeing him at the contests to this day.

His birthday was July 22nd, the day that my first Chopped episode aired. I can only hope he caught the show because I was thinking about him that night. He is missed by his BBQ family, work family, and the family he left behind every day!

– Stan, Will, Dana, Paul, Jeremy, Bryan, Jarrid and David