Founders Coin Recipient – Scott Guy

Scott Guy is one of the “Memphis Crew” for OBR. For those who do not know, Scott is a Master Airplane Mechanic for a large shipping company out of Memphis. It is our opinion that Scott is an Airplane Mechanic because Pilots need Heroes too! While Scott is highly visible on deployments it is truly only the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of Scott’s time is spent when no one is looking. He uses his mechanical talents to keep our fleet in tip-top shape and ensures the safety of our volunteers. Scott is always looking for great deals to add equipment to our fleet and arsenal. If you don’t know how food and or equipment arrived at a deployment, it was probably him. Scott often looks at himself as a “Blue Collar Guy”, but we all agree he is as smart as they come no matter the topic. We are very lucky to have Scott in the fold.