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Scott Guy

On April 27, 2011 a multiple vortex EF4 tornado swept across the state of Alabama, and wiped out a large portion of Tuscaloosa, AL, where I grew up. I spent several weeks helping my family and friends repair property damage. During that time we were blessed by various people and organizations that helped us in […]

Dewayne Daniel

I was raised the right way by my parents, ​and I found out in the later years of my dad’s life what it was to be a giving person. I had been searching for a organization or cause to get involved with and be more like my dad and give something back.  I was an avid […]

Lynn Entrekin

Disaster Relief? Many times I have wondered that myself…. how did I get involved with disaster relief and why? Then I was straight up ask that question and it really made me take a look back, waaay back. Without going into great detail I’ll share with you my disaster relief beginning. The morning of Aug. […]