From the Heart – June 2019

Tulsa, Oklahoma (Flood) / 7,950 Meals Over 7 Days

Oklahoma had seen a lot of rain from May into June.  But a June 6th storm dumped more than 4 inches of rain on Tulsa within three hours, causing widespread flooding along the already swollen Arkansas River.  Roughly 600 Tulsa area homes and businesses were swamped due to the flood, forcing evacuations.

On the evening of June 7, dedicated volunteers worked through the night to not only set up a cook site, but also prep and load food into the smokers so that first meals would be available for a lunchtime distribution next day.  From June 8 – 14, OBR volunteers served up the healing power of BBQ a total of 7950 times to the residents, first responders, and volunteers helping throughout the impacted communities!

We were fortunate to work with The Salvation Army, who used their canteen trucks to help distribute our hot meals to the heavily hit areas of the community and surrounding areas.

Linwood, Kansas (Tornado) / 2,000 Meals Over 2 Days

On the evening of May 28, 2019, a mile-wide EF-4 tornado ripped through Douglas and Leavenworth counties in Kansas, packing winds of up to 170 mph. Luckily there were only 18 reported injuries, but numerous homes were damaged or destroyed…Linwood, Kansas, being hardest hit.

Once the area was deemed safe, Operation BBQ Relief volunteers descended upon Linwood to connect, inspire, serve, and feed those in need. From June 1-2, we helped ensure that those impacted didn’t have to worry about where their next meal would come from. To that end, we provided the one hot meal that mattered 2000 times!