Dayton, Ohio (Tornado) / 15,172 Meals Over 6 Days

A severe storm system including tornadoes hit the Dayton, Ohio, area late evening on May 27, 2019, leaving approximately 68,000 households and businesses in the state were without power. The weather service issued 36 tornado warnings across the region that night!

In the aftermath, Operation BBQ Relief was asked to come do what we do best: connect, inspire, serve, and feed those in need. OBR cooked and delivered hot meals to impacted residents, first responders, linemen, and other organizations helping in the wake of the storms.

This deployment provided an opportunity for OBR to test the use of Dutch ovens as an additional cooking method. The Dutch ovens were a perfect complement to the smokers, allowing the smokers to be dedicated to proteins while the Dutch ovens were dedicated to vegetable sides and one-pot meals from our diversified menu. The additional cooking resources allowed us to provide 15,172 hot meals in just 6 days!

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