Dewayne Daniel

May 12, 2017 | Volunteer Stories

I was raised the right way by my parents, ​and I found out in the later years of my dad’s life what it was to be a giving person. I had been searching for a organization or cause to get involved with and be more like my dad and give something back.

I was an avid BBQ cook and I had heard of OBR and what they were trying to do and wanted to give them a look and see if they were legit at what was being said about the organization.

I registered as a volunteer about 3 months before I had a chance to go on my first deployment. I will be honest, I really thought I would just go and do something that I enjoyed doing, which was cooking BBQ and never really gave it very much thought about the people I would be helping. As I went through the first couple of days of the deployment it was just as I had thought it would be. Then one day I was asked if I would mind taking some meals out in the field. Boy did that afternoon change my life almost in an instant. I was bit by the “OBR BUG”.

As I was delivering meals I made my way to a house that had been completely destroyed. As I approached I had a conversation with a  man that just had his family’s life turned upside down by something that was completely beyond his control. As I asked this man if he could use a meal, his response was, “No the Hot Dog man had just came by and to be honest he didn’t want another Hot Dog.” I then asked if he would like some fresh BBQ. His eyes kind of lit up but still said he and his family were ok. I really insisted that he at least take some meals for later. After I retrieved the meals for him and his family, he opened it up and he and his family began eating  immediately. As I was talking to his young daughters, I turned back to him and he was crying. I asked if I had said or done something to upset him. His response was what got me. And I quote ” I didn’t realize there was anyone left on Earth that cared enough to help take care of my family At that point I realized my life was going to change and it was completely beyond my control. I made the decision to make this organization my “cause” going forward.

The things I do now for OBR is strictly out of passion for helping others. Anytime I deploy or do an event promoting OBR and get tired I just  remember two things. That my Dad was a very giving person and the family that we helped, and how they changed my life forever.

Dewayne Daniel


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