From the Heart – September 2021

Sep 28, 2021 | Newsletters

From the Heart

September 2021

Message from the Co-Founders

Operation BBQ Relief has deployed over 80 times and each time we are amazed by the incredible sponsors, donors, volunteers, and staff who jump into action in a moment’s notice. We have sponsors delivering food by the truck loads. Sponsors who immediately lend their supplies and equipment. Volunteers who closed their restaurants to travel 14 hours to share the healing power of BBQ.

Operation BBQ Relief served 10,019 meals to communities affected by the flooding in Waverly, TN and 247,055 meals following Hurricane Ida in Louisiana. Operation BBQ Relief airlifted 70,000 meals to hard hit areas in Houma, LA where the town was decimated. Drive-thru lunch and dinner services were set up for families and organizations in both Waverly, TN and Hammond, LA.

The Operation BBQ Relief team met many families that were deeply grateful for our support. Barbara picked up meals for her two young boys and neighbors. She shared her gratitude and said her neighbor was dying with cancer. They hated each other for years over petty little things. When she shared the meals from Operation BBQ Relief with her neighbor, they cried and made amends. They hugged for the first time in years as she said her neighbor hadn’t eaten in days and that single act of kindness of sharing the one hot meal that matters made all the negativity go away.

This story is one of the millions that highlight the powerful impact of the healing power of BBQ.

Major hurricanes have been forecasted for the upcoming month. We will need volunteers and donations to continue to share the one hot meal that matters.

Please reach out to us at if you have any leads on individuals, companies, and organizations that may be interested in getting involved.

Much respect,

Stan Hays, CEO
Will Cleaver, CPO and Head of Finance

Volunteer Experience Team


Volunteers are the most critical component of all non-profits. Without volunteers, Operation BBQ Relief would not function or exist.

Over the past several years of growth and change, Operation BBQ Relief has improved on several aspects of the volunteer experience. Whether at an event or deployment, we want to make sure each volunteer is taking care of and time is well spent. We strive to provide an experience in which volunteers leave wanting to continue to further the mission of the Operation BBQ Relief.

We are in the process of creating a Volunteer Experience team to improve areas like signing up on our website or app through participation at an event or deployment. The key focus would address how volunteers would feel valued and if the volunteer experience is positive. Operation BBQ Relief is committed to making improvements until these goals are met.

Please know my phone and email are always available to you. I want to hear the good, the bad, and your opinion on how we can do better. Please don’t hesitate to call. Without direct feedback, we won’t be able to make improvements.

Will Cleaver
CPO and Head of Finance

Volunteer App Update

Operation BBQ Relief Volunteer App is now here with a fresh new interface and enhanced features. Please download the newest version. If you have an old Operation BBQ Relief Volunteer App, open the app on your phone and you should be prompted to update the app.

If you do not have the app on your phone, you can download from Google Play or Apple.

Google Play

Apple App Store

You can always access the app on our website

Login using your email address. If you forgot your password, you can reset password. If you do not get an email from the password reset process, you have entered the incorrect email address. Contact with any issues accessing the new app.

Once you are in the app, please update your profile to ensure your information is updated. You can also upload any certificates that you have i.e. CPR/AED, Forklift, First Aid, ServSafe.

Operation BBQ Relief Under Armour Boonie


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Corporate Supporters



Join the #iamOBR movement with a tax deductible monthly contribution where you can select donation options to help support Operation BBQ Relief.


Operation BBQ Relief relies solely on volunteers like you. Whether you are a competition BBQ team, caterer, restaurateur or simply an individual or group wanting to help when disaster strikes, we want you to be a part of this rewarding experience in helping people.