From the Heart – January 2022

Jan 19, 2022 | Newsletters

From the Heart

January 2022

Message from the Co-Founders

We hope you and your families are enjoying the New Year! We extend our gratitude to all our supporters who have helped us serve over 75,000 meals in Mayfield, KY.

Thank you to the sponsors and businesses that sent truckloads of supplies to help share the healing power of BBQ.

Thank you to the donors that provided toys and gifts to bring joy to families that have lost everything.

Thank you to our staff and volunteers that deployed from 31 states and sacrificed their Christmas with families at home to bring holiday cheer to Mayfield and the surrounding areas.

Thank you to our supporters that provided funds to help further our charitable mission!

Thank you to the reporters who highlighted our efforts and passion for providing the one hot meal that matters!

We appreciate each of you and your big hearts.

We wish you and your families many blessings in 2022.

Much respect,

Stan Hays, CEO
Will Cleaver, CPO and Head of Finance

The Always Serving Project®

Operation BBQ Relief hosted a Day of Giving at Westy’s in Memphis, TN for the homeless. Thank you to the incredible team of volunteers with big hearts that served up delicious hot meals with sides of hope, friendship, and compassion.
Photo credit: Frank Chin

Area Coordinator Spotlight

Stephen Campbell – Alabama

Deployments: Panama City, FL, Nashville, TN, and Lake Charles, LA

How did you get involved with Operation BBQ Relief?
I heard about Operation BBQ Relief at BBQ contests where I was competing. I started following Operation BBQ Relief on Facebook and donating. When Hurricane Michael hit Panama City, I took vacation time from work and deployed. I was amazed how hard everyone worked and I enjoyed working harder than I have in a long time. I enjoy every minute of it making that one hot meal that matters.

Why volunteer with Operation BBQ Relief?
When I had to leave Panama City and go back to my job, I was heartbroken knowing there were victims that needed to be fed. On the drive back home I decided that when I retired, Operation BBQ Relief would be where I would volunteer every chance I could and do all I could to help serve communities.

Favorite Operation BBQ Relief moment:
My favorite thing about Operation BBQ Relief is knowing we are giving hope to communities impacted by disaster when their whole life is turned upside down.

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Operation BBQ Relief relies solely on volunteers like you. Whether you are a competition BBQ team, caterer, restaurateur or simply an individual or group wanting to help when disaster strikes, we want you to be a part of this rewarding experience in helping people.