Moore, Oklahoma (Tornado) / 143,000 Meals Over 12 Days

May 13, 2013 | Deployments

On May 20, 2013, an EF5 tornado struck Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City. The tornado was part of a massive weather system that also produced several thunderstorms and smaller tornadoes. 1,150 homes and buildings were destroyed and the tornado caused $2 billion in damages. Operation BBQ Relief volunteers served meals even after having to take shelter when a smaller tornado passed through the area. The outpouring of support from volunteers was tremendous. The Operation BBQ website received over one million hits from supporters on the first day of deployment.

Aaron Harte, Adam Colvin, Allejandro Santana, Allen Phelps, Aloneo Martinez, Andrea Douglas, Angeles Castaneda, Ann Dotson, April Colvin, April Terry, Ashely Bates, Ashley Rose, Audrey McCaulley, Austin O’Dell, Austin Quinn, Beka Goad, Bill Schmieding, Billy Rich, Bonnie Jackson, Brad Huddleston, Brad Shonda, Braden Shonda, Brandi Hurley, Brandon Bates, Brenda Searles, Brian Bird, Briana Landers, Britni White, Brooklynn Medley, Bryan Mulligan, Candice Gabriel, Candice Nieboer, Candy Melendez, Cathy Gerdes, Charlie Moore, Chase/Emma Price, Chasity Busby, Chris Bell, Chris Huggins, Chris Robinson, Chris Whitekiller, Christian Sloan, Christian Sloan, Christian Weston, Christina Griffiths, Christine Gonzales, Christy Davis, Cindi Marlon, Cody Landers, Cody Mandrino, Collin Sanders, Dan Childs, Daphne/Nathan Hester, Dennis Quinn, Devon Yost, Doc Kenneson, Don Childs, Don Fikes, Don & Peg Truckenbrod, Donna Prince, Erika Huggins, Erin Harwell, Erin/Madison/Reagan Dulle, Frances Johnson, Geneva McCaulley, George/Debbie Slosky, Greg Landers, Hadie Dust, Jack Langham, Jacob Masterson, Jacob Prince, Jake Chambers, James Anderson, James Bates, James Chaffin, Jammi Nuttoul, Janet Beaver, Jase Fink, Jason Bryan, Jason Craig, Jason Gwathney, Jeff Toney, Jennifer Chaffin, Jenny Chaffin, Jeremy Hester, Jerrold/Kari Unruh, Jessica Chambers, Jim Chaffin, Jim Kerklend, Joan Cheever, Joe/Elaine Megert, John Donohue, John Dust, John Long, John Varner, John Wheeler, Jon/Trudy Eikenberry, Joshua Manson, Jr Busby, JT Sybert, Julia Sterr, Julie Rose, Justin Morgan, Kaci French, Kadie Hays, Kaithlyn Michaels, Kaitlyn Rollins, Kara Medley, Kathryn Gillian, Kathy/Emily/Sam Alvarez, Katie Kahmann, Kaylyn Shonda, Kaytlin Zimpfer, Keci McKendrick, Kesha Adams, Keysia Curry, Kilee Nieboer, Kim Kite, Kim Zinpfer, Kori Dunn, Kris Christina Baker, Kristi/Greg Powers, Kristie Anderson, Kristin Morgan, Kyle Taylor, Lainie Burton, Lance McAfee, Lane Kasselman, Lani Kasselman, Laremy Zaring, Lesa Weston, Leticia Lomo, Leticia Rodriguez, Lisa Adams, Lisa Lynch, Logan Shonda, Lori Freese, Lori Freese, Lori Hodges, Luke Pappas, Luke Walker, Lynda Wessell, Lynnette Robinson, Macy Landers, Malinda Box, Margot Gorrin, Mark Enix, Mark Johnson, Martin Garcia, Martin Harding, Mary Jones, Mary Shaffer, Masen Fords, Matthew Mullies, Max Kokinda, Melissa Clark, Melissa Garcia, Michell Uster, Michelle Hayes, Michelle Kenworthy, Michelle Mandrino, Mike Bullock, Mikel Hogg, Nancy Sparks, Pablo Ortiz Jr., Pat Fikes, Paul Peterson, Paul/Haley Abbot & Daisy Dippett, Phil Gabriel, Phil Kite, Pop’s Smokehouse, Rachael/Isaac Munson, Rachel Patton, RaDawn, Ray Baker, Rebecca Blackwell, Rebecca Lewis, Reisa Rodriguez, Rex Long, Rick Clark, Robert Gonz, Robyn Lacasse, Roger/Peyton Groom, Ron/Miriam Brewster, Rosario Canales, Ryan Alden, Ryan Garcia, Samantha Baker, Samantha Marquie, Sarah Leatherland, Scott Guy, Shannon Melancon, Shawna Baker, Sherry/Steve Morgan, Singi Bowen, Stacie Nieboer, Stacy Ferguson, Stacy Tac, Steve Kite, Sue/Bill Riner, Susan Schmieding, Sydney Allsbury, Tara/Ethan Sullivan, Taylor Ellis, Taylor Garcia, Taylor Johnson, Taylor Neiboer, Theresa Germany, Tiffany Alamz, Tom Moore, Tonya DeLoera, Traci Kaiwdl, Traci Swinney, Travis Clark, Trevor Hoheisel, Trisha Moore, Troy/Julia Ellefson, Troy YoungBlood,Ty Smith, Tyler Crawford, Tyler Lewis, Vanessa Tijerina, Vhaliyah Ledbetter, Victoria Burns, Warren Monnich, Whiney Pugh, Whit Syben, Yvette DeShazer

Corporate Support:
Sam’s Club, Seaboard Farms, Ben E Keith, Cargill, Coca Cola Products, Flowers Baking Company, CitiImpact Ministries, Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College, BBQrs Delight, Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association, Big Poppa Smokers, Ronda Allen and the Nodding Donkey, Mercury One, Resers Fine Foods, Cookshack Inc., AdvancePierre Foods

BBQ Teams:
Sticks and Chicks, County Line Smokers, Smokin Bad Habit, Butcher BBQ, Big Fish BBQ, Natural Born Grillers, Boars Night Out, Smokin Okie, Smoker Builder, Big Poppa Smokers, Camo Cowboys BBQ, Pork Patrol BBQ, Clark Crew BBQ


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