Houston, Texas (Power Outage) / 9,600 Meals Over 5 Days

May 19, 2024 | Deployments

In mid-May 2024, Houston, Texas was hit with a series of severe weather events that resulted in widespread power outages impacting thousands of residents. We were honored to partner with the East Harris County Empowerment Council to provide the “One Hot Meal That Matters” a total of 9,600 times over the course of five days.

We owe a huge “thank you” to our friends at Cowboys for Heroes, whose volunteers showed up every day during this deployment to help us bring the Healing Power of BBQ to first responders, residents, and relief workers affected by these destructive storms.

Special appreciation goes out to all of our volunteers, sponsors, community partners, and staff whose hard work, sacrifices, and contributions made this deployment possible. Together, we made a difference.


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Operation BBQ Relief relies solely on volunteers like you. Whether you are a competition BBQ team, caterer, restaurateur or simply an individual or group wanting to help when disaster strikes, we want you to be a part of this rewarding experience in helping people.