Deployment Status: To all Texas Pitmasters, especially those in South Texas. Operation BBQ Relief is looking for volunteers for a 1 day BBQ event on July 18, in McAllen, TX. We will be assisting Mercury One Foundation in feeding the children that are being housed in McAllen. Mercury One will be the sponsor of the event, and this will be a fundraiser for OBR, as they will be covering all costs associated with feeding the kids, and making a donation to OBR for preparing and serving the meals. For the most updated information please go to our Facebook page . to register to volunteer please goto

Financial Transparency

As a recognized tax-exempt nonprofit organization, under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Operation BBQ Relief seeks to be transparent in its financial operations by making the following information publicly available.   It is our goal to be good stewards of the funding we have received and forthright in our plans and direction of Operation BBQ Relief.  In doing so we strive for the following;

  • Being honest in solicitation materials and truthful and clear in communications with donors about how their gifts will be or have been used;
  • Having a conflict of interest policy that all board and staff are aware of and review regularly;
  • Publishing financial information on a nonprofit’s website, such as a copy of the organization’s application for tax-exemption, IRS Form 990, audited financial statements and annual reports, as applicable (see below);
  • Ensuring the regular review by the board of current financial statements and of the IRS Form 990 prior to filing;
  • Adopting sound financial management policies, including internal controls, to ensure accountability;
  • Being transparent about who is accountable for the nonprofit’s expenditures; adopting expense policies, such as a travel expense reimbursement policy (requiring prior approval and limiting expenditures to what is reasonable.) written policy about expense reimbursement
  • Responding appropriately to requests for copies of financial reports, as required by the IRS public disclosure requirements.


The following documents will be made available to the public through Operation BBQ Relief’s website and upon request

  • Articles of incorporation and all amendments (below)
  • Bylaws and all amendments (below)
  • Conflict of interest policy (below)
  • Audited financial statements (below)

The Form 990s are available on GuideStar. Before being posted on GuideStar, the Form 990 will be made available either upon request and reimbursement of copy costs or by other means allowable under the applicable Treasury Regulations.

The financial statements will not be made available to the public, other than as reported on the annual Form 990. The financial statements are unaudited and are for reporting purposes to the board only. The financial statements represent the current understanding of the financial picture at that snapshot in time, and as such are reviewed by the board of directors. Without an independent audit or review of the financial statements and the information from which they are prepared, the corporation believes that it would be unwise to make them available to the public. The information set forth in the Form 990 has at least received the advice of the organization’s independent accountant in its preparation, and to that extent, is a better picture of the organization’s financial condition than the informal financial statements presented to the board during the year.

Operation BBQ Releif Financial Overview
Description 2012 2013 2014 2015
Contributions $155,965
Program Services
Membership Dues 0 0 0 0
Special Events
Total Revenue $151,325
Program Services
Administrative Costs
Fundraising Costs
Payments to Affiliates
Total Expenses $75,894
Revenue – Expenses $75,431 $0 $0 $0
% Program
% Non-Program

Articles of Incorporation / Corporate Documents

Articles of Incorporation
501.c.3 Determination Letter

Bylaws / Applicable Amendments

By-Laws 2011