How do I volunteer with OBR?

How do I volunteer with OBR?

Registration is via website. Please list all available equipment and special training.

What will I do as a volunteer on a deployment?

The duties vary but include communication, kitchen detail, clean up, meal distribution, delivery and logistics, transportation, Inventory and warehousing, equipment maintenance fueling etc.

What is the operating budget of OBR?

Please take a look at our financial transparency information on this link

I own a company and would like to offer?

Please contact our

Does OBR have any Paid Positions

There are no full time employees for OBR however there are several roles which receive reimbursement and / or compensation.

What can I do to volunteer when there isn’t an active deployment?

Recruit volunteers, raise capital, awareness, training, VOAD Involvement

Where does OBR get funding?

Through private and corporate donations. We are not government funded

Does OBR offer mileage or fuel reimbursement for volunteers?

Only if you are pulling a piece of OBR equipment

Are you a faith based organization?


Do you receive government funding?


Do you partner with any other organizations?


What are the immediate non cash needs of OBR?

Trucks, trailers, food service equipment, light plant, generator plant, potable water system

I have a fundraising idea, who do I contact?

Marketing coordinator, any board member, email address for Board of Directors

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