Wimberley, Texas (Flooding) / 8700 Meals over 7 Days

On May 23, 2015, torrential rains falling on already saturated ground in the Texas Hill Country triggered record flooding.  The towns of Wimberley and San Marcos, Texas, were ravaged by nearly instant flooding along the Blanco and San Marcos rivers.  The Blanco river rose 20 feet in a single hour!  That rapid rise of water led to catastrophic damage along the rivers, including 13 fatalities and 350 homes lost.

Our volunteers deployed on May 28th to both Wimberley and San Marcos.  The Wimberley site ran through June 1st, while the San Marcos site ran through June 3.  Over the course of 7 days, our volunteers provided compassion, hope, and friendship to impacted residents, volunteers, and first responders.