OBR Organizational Changes

Director of Education and Safety

After first serving as an OBR volunteer and then, in 2019 as OBR’s BBQ Basics Program Manager, we are pleased to announce that Brian Norfolk has accepted the Director of Education and Safety position with OBR. Brian is pressing forward OBR’s commitment to making our workspaces safe for all employees and volunteers while simultaneously driving the OBR Academy’s educational investment in our family. Brian is a project manager by trade and a product and program designer at heart. After serving in the US Navy as a Corpsman, Brian honed his project management skills working in the construction industry. Thereafter, he spent his days running his own business. Brian enjoys designing products; he is the owner of two U.S. patents for his original designs. His real passion is designing and building processes and programs from the ground up. Brian, his wife Michelle, and their two children enjoy hanging out with neighborhood friends, doing crafts, or experimenting with ways to live more self-sufficiently.


ASP Program Manager

Introducing Aprile Williams, our new ASP Program Manager. Aprile is responsible for OBR’s Always Serving Project programs, such as BBQ Basics, and will be developing and implementing curriculum for both in person and virtual training platforms. Aprile comes from a 15+ year career in the education system teaching K-12 and College. After completing her Doctorate of Education with Walden University, Aprile sought to work in an organization where her background in education and passion for serving others can be utilized. Aprile has a love for yoga and is a certified yoga instructor, enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, running, and pretty much anything that gets her outdoors. She is a military spouse of five years and has an adult son, teenage step-daughter, and a dog named Zoey.