Hawg with a Heart Pit Masters

Brad Orrison – The Shed BBQ

Brad Orrison is the Co-Owner of The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, MS. He started The Shed with his little sister Brooke after graduating from Ole Miss. His dream of using the junk he found dumpster diving has become a family affair. The Shed has become know nationwide from Brad’s appearances on TV shows and through the marketing expertise of his mother Linda Orrison and Brooke Orrison. The Shed has its own series that will air on the Food Network in August highlighting The Shed and the family that runs it. You’ll have to watch the show to find out more. Back to Brad… Brad has become know for his cooker a 1952 Willis Jeep converted into a smoker and cooking his hog upright which he calls a robo hog. This year Brad and the team won Memphis in May Whole Hog making him the 2013 Whole Hog World Champion. Brad’s passion for BBQ, Blues and having fun is what is making The Shed a household name. Besides those passions he also has a huge heart and along with his family has become a big supporter of Operation BBQ Relief. Much of The Shed Head nation are now Operation BBQ Relief followers and supporters.
Mark Lambert – Sweet Swine O’ Mine

Pitmaster for Sweet Swine O’ Mine World Champion BBQ Team Active BBQ Competitor since 2000 Two time World BBQ Grand Champion (2009 and 2013) Four Time World Pork Shoulder Champion (2005, 2008, 2009, 2013) Co-Pitmaster at www.barbecuelive.com competition cooking school Founder/Owner at Sweet Swine O’ Mine Distributing Treasurer for the National BBQ Association




John Wheeler – Natural Born Grillers

John David Wheeler, Head Cook for the Natural Born Grillers BBQ Team, has been one of the most award-winning BBQ cooks in the world. Among his many accomplishments are twice winning the overall Cooking Team of the Year award, winning the World Grand Championship at Memphis in May, winning three separate World Championships, over 75 Grand Championships and literally thousands of other awards. John Wheeler is now a partner and Pitmaster in the Memphis Barbecue Company, one of the hottest BBQ restaurants in the country. Mr. Wheeler’s partner and Co-Pitmaster in the restaurant is Melissa Cookston, also a multiple World Championship winner, making the restaurant the only restaurant in America to feature two World
Championship Pitmasters./span>



Boars Night Out

Boars Night Out started in early 2006 as a group of single guys that were all recently divorced. Throughout 2006 we were known as the team that liked to cook, and a team that could definitely throw a Championship Level Party! 2007-2009 were maturing years for the team. We picked up some first place trophies mostly in the Desert category. The Party was still the focus of the team and we knew something had to change. We made the team decision to shift our focus to becoming world class purveyors of the BBQ world. In 2010 our focus shifted from the Party to preparing world class BBQ. We knew to compete at the highest level we needed a larger cooker. We collected our wish list and began construction of a new customized trailer. The only thing ordered for this trailer was the axles. Our 37-foot gooseneck trailer was truly custom built from the ground up incorporating ideas and suggestions from team members and respected cooks and friends from the BBQ community. Our prosperity and accomplishments started taking shape: 2 first place finishes in the Hog Division 2 first place finishes in the Rib category 1 Grand Champion Award These, along with several 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes in other categories, and then to top it off with a 5th place finish in the points for the Memphis BarBQue Network and gained respect from fellow competitors. In 2011 we continued to refine our processes. We worked on our presentations by matching our team member’s talents with the various tasks necessary to compete at the highest level. We were definitely focused and intent on accomplishing our goal to be at the very pinnacle of Championship BBQ teams in the world. 2 Grand Champion Awards 2 3rd place finishes Hog 1 1st place finishes shoulder 2 1st place finishes Rib Numerous 3rd, 4th places in various divisions MBN recognized us as 3rd in points earned for the year In 2011 we traveled to Ottawa Canada and hosted the 4th of July Celebration for the US Ambassador to Canada. Needless to say we were quite proud of this privilege and honor. We also purchased a commercial cooker enabling us to Cook for all types of civic events, fund-raisers, catering jobs, etc. There is no event to small or too big for Boars Night Out! 2012 was the year where our focus and hard work finally paid off. Our team had matured, our attention to the smallest detail was where it had to be, we were totally focused, and our intent was to win against all competitors and to become the MBN Team of the Year! 5 Grand Champion Awards – 2 being the coveted full sweeps (1st Whole Hog – 1st Shoulder – 1st Ribs) Boars Night Out accomplished our goal and was named the undisputed TEAM OF THE YEAR by the Memphis BarBQue Network! Civic Activities: 2013 East West Shriners All Star Game / St. Petersburg, FL : BNO volunteered our time and traveled as a team to host the pre game tailgating event for this note worthy cause. We are proud to have been a small part of the effort helping many different children through the Shriners Organization. Our team donates time and resources to the Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots, Wounded Warriors as well as local High School fund raising events.