Disaster Relief

Operation BBQ Relief aims to aid communities and first responders affected by natural disasters and provide a hot meal that matters during times of need.

At Operation BBQ Relief, we truly believe in the healing power of BBQ and that one hot meal can provide some immediate relief to those who may not have access to food.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimated that the natural disasters in 2018 alone caused a total of $91 billion in damages.

As natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires continue to cause damages, we want to be there to serve those in need.  Since our first response to the 2011 tornado in Joplin, MO, Operation BBQ Relief has been dedicated to providing hot meals when it matters most.

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, individual donors, and corporate sponsors, we are able to provide bulk quantities of food. Our pitmasters, chefs, and volunteers help prepare, cook, package, and distribute hot barbecue meals to those in need. Because our barbecue pits don’t require electricity, we are often able to serve even when power lines might be down.

Lake Charles, Louisiana – Hurricane

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Derecho