Deployments Since 2011

Combining our skills as competition cooks, caterers and chefs to provide meals to those affected and first responders of disasters in the United States. Since 2011 our volunteers and teams have deployed for 394 days in 26 states after 66 disasters.

  • When a disaster strikes, we evaluate multiple factors: size, destruction, people affected and services affected.  Based on what we learn, we determine whether or not to deploy and the estimated size, duration and needs.  At that time, notifications go out to our volunteers and state leads and we begin executing our standard operating procedures.
  • Operation BBQ Relief is surrounded by an incredible group of volunteers and supporters across the country who spring into action when disaster relief is needed.
  • If you have not already done so please sign up as a volunteer and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also help by donating.

Deployments 2011 – 2020

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Louisiana and Mississippi / (Hurricane Isaac) / 55,000 Meals over 11 Days

Via Reuters: Hurricane Isaac has caused up to $1 billion in economic losses for offshore energy properties and up to $1.5 billion in insured losses onshore in Louisiana and neighboring states, disaster modeler Eqecat said on Wednesday. Within…

Colorado Springs, Colorado (Fire) / 1,700 Meals over 3 Days

The Waldo Canyon Fire was a forest fire that started approximately four miles northwest of Colorado Springs on June 23, 2012, and one mile from a western neighborhood. It was declared 100% contained on July 10, 2012, after no smoke plumes…

Royse City, Texas (Tornado) / 2,500 Meals over 3 Days

Several strong to mostly weak tornadoes touched down near Dallas and Fort Worth and points east. This included an EF-3 in Forney, Texas, which devastated the Diamond Creek subdivision and a school in town. It was estimated on April 5 that…

Dexter, Michigan (Tornado) / 2,300 Meals over 3 Days

The EF-3 tornado left a path seven miles long and nearly half a mile wide. It left large amounts of destruction, but fortunately, there were no deaths or serious injuries attributed to the storm. The tornado hit at approximately 5:30…

Kansas, Illinois, Indiana (Tornado) / 15,500 Meals over 9 Days

Disaster: As many as 17 tornadoes across multiple states Classification: EF-2 Harveyville, KS; EF-4 Harrisburg, IL; EF-4 Marysville, IN Casualties: Harveyville, KS: Eight or nine people injured, 40%-60% of the town destroyed Harrisburg, IL:…

Jefferson County, Alabama (Tornado) / 5,700 Meals over 4 Days

The National Weather Service said at least six different tornadoes skipped across central Alabama, causing damage across a wide area. The strongest hit Jefferson County, with winds up to 150 MPH. The first tornado, an EF-2 with 130 MPH winds,…

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Flooding) / 5,000 Meals over 3 Days

Hurricane Irene swept through the Caribbean and eastern portion of the United States, flooding several areas from North Carolina to Maine. Then soon after Tropical Storm Lee soaked the Midwest then the Northeast, leaving many inches of rain…

Joplin, Missouri (Tornado) / 120,000 Meals over 11 Days

On Sunday evening, May 22, 2011, a massive multi-vortex EF-5 tornado plowed through the southwest Missouri community of about 50,000 residents, killing 156 people and injuring more than 1000. It left a path of almost total destruction six…