Deployments Since 2011

Combining our skills as competition cooks, caterers and chefs to provide meals to those affected and first responders of disasters in the United States. Since 2011 our volunteers and teams have deployed for 394 days in 26 states after 66 disasters.

  • When a disaster strikes, we evaluate multiple factors: size, destruction, people affected and services affected.  Based on what we learn, we determine whether or not to deploy and the estimated size, duration and needs.  At that time, notifications go out to our volunteers and state leads and we begin executing our standard operating procedures.
  • Operation BBQ Relief is surrounded by an incredible group of volunteers and supporters across the country who spring into action when disaster relief is needed.
  • If you have not already done so please sign up as a volunteer and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also help by donating.

Deployments 2011 – 2020

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Central | SW Florida & the Keys, Florida (Hurricane) / 126,400 Meals over 9 Days

Hurricane Irma was classified as a Category 4 hurricane when it made landfall in Florida on Sept. 10, 2107. Although downgraded over time, Irma caused widespread damage via storm surges, high winds, and rainfall, causing power loss, flooding…

Houston/Beaumont/Victoria, Texas (Hurricane & Flood) / 371,760 Meals over 11 Days

Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane, struck Texas and neighboring states and produced over 40 inches of rain.  Operation BBQ Relief operated from three areas: Houston, Beaumont and Silsbee, and Victoria and Rockport.  To date, this was…

Chetek, Wisconsin (Tornado) / 1,000 Meals Over 1 Day

On May 16, 2017, a single EF-3 tornado spent an hour and a half tearing through 83 miles of northwest Wisconsin from southeast Polk County to southwest Price County. Much of that part of the state is sparsley populated, but Chetek, a community…

West Plains, Missouri (Flood) / 13,300 Meals over 10 Days

When over 10” of rain falls within 48 hours, you’re going to have some flooding. Such was the case in 2017 when historic April 28 th -30 th rainfall caused extensive flooding in West Plains, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. Our volunteers…

Goodman, Missouri (Tornado) / 1557 Meals over 4 Days

An EF2-rated tornado hit Goodman, MO, on the evening of April 4, 2017. The storm packed winds peaking around 120 mph, knocking out power and damaging the school, fire station, and many homes and businesses. Operation BBQ Relief volunteers…

Hutchinson and Reno County, Kansas (Fire) / 1,850 Meals over 3 Days

We apologize if you or your company is not listed. Things can get crazy during a deployment, and we do the best we can to keep track of all the great volunteers and businesses who help make OBR happen.  If you or your company is not listed,…

Smithville, Missouri (Tornado) / 525 Meals over 2 Days

An EF2 tornado with peak winds of 132 mph, damaged or destroyed between 60 and 70 homes. We apologize if you or your company is not listed. Things can get crazy during a deployment, and we do the best we can to keep track of all the great…

Gatlinburg, Tennesee (Fire) / 13,400 Meals over 3 Days

A fire in Great Smoky Mountain National Park spread to the neighboring communities, killing 14 people, destroying more than 2,000 homes and businesses and forcing the evacuation of as many as 14,000 visitors and residents. We apologize if…