Deployment Status: To all Texas Pitmasters, especially those in South Texas. Operation BBQ Relief is looking for volunteers for a 1 day BBQ event on July 18, in McAllen, TX. We will be assisting Mercury One Foundation in feeding the children that are being housed in McAllen. Mercury One will be the sponsor of the event, and this will be a fundraiser for OBR, as they will be covering all costs associated with feeding the kids, and making a donation to OBR for preparing and serving the meals. For the most updated information please go to our Facebook page . to register to volunteer please goto

Corporate Support

Operation BBQ Relief depends on individuals and corporations such as those listed. Without their help and generosity, we couldn’t do what we do.


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While we do have a dedicated group of volunteer pitmasters ready to respond on a minute’s notice, we are in need of supplies to help them cook. Cash donations are essential so meat and perishable items can be purchased during a response. We can are also in need of non-perishable items such as plates, wood, pellets, and charcoal.

A wishlist has been set up on if you would like to contribute.

If we have missed anyone please don’t take it personally, we do the best we can. Please send us an email to and we will get the information updated as soon as possible.